„Political Conference on Lesbian Perspectives in Europe“, March 11–13, 2011 Dresden

“United under the rainbow?” – was the title of a conference that took place in Dresden from March 11 to 13, 2011 and was organized by the association Frauen Leben Vielfalt e.V.

Altogether, about 40 women came together to discuss the current situation of lesbians in Eastern Europe as well as ways of establishing lasting networks and a continued exchange. The introductory lecture and six workshops held by lesbian activists from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany gave insight into the everyday life of lesbians living in Eastern Europe. In addition to the legal and social situation a wide variety of other topics was focused on as well, such as the work of specific lesbian associations, the organization and meaning of Pride Parades, the relationship between lesbians and the church, and the lesbian movement in East Germany under the communist regime.

The whole picture was completed by the Hungarian documentary “Secret Years”, which was show in the presence of the director Mária Takács. It tells the life stories of eleven lesbian women aged 45 to 70 during and after communism spanning the time from the 1960 till today. During the final panel discussion the participants (including representatives of LSVD and Amnesty International’s MERSI group) devised reasonable ways of establishing lasting networks and mutual support. In addition to translating lesbian-related books and websites the participants of the conference called for the attendance and support of Pride Parades in other counties as well as the support of the activists’ work in general.

The entire conference was characterized by an intense exchange of ideas and concluded with the wish to keep in close contact with each other. We cordially thank all the speakers and participants for their commitment and an inspiring and interesting weekend.

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