Frauen Leben Vielfalt e.V.

The history of our association started at the Lesbian Spring Convention (LFT) in Leipzig in 2006. Three lesbians from Dresden came on stage and announced to bring the LFT in 2008 to Dresden. We found fellow activists and founded the association Frauen Leben Vielfalt e.V. (figuratively: Women live diversity)

On Pentecost 2008, we organized on three days many lesbian spaces with a varied workshop and cultural program headed with the slogan "Embraced by Europe - lesbians everywhere."

After a short break we gained new energy and were back on the scene in summer 2009. Prospectively we want to provide a colorful culture and education in Dresden for lesbians of all ages. Everything that lesbians are looking for should be offered: dance events, workshops, conferences, lectures, film screenings, walking tours, a regular chat and much more.

Zest for life, fun, community life, accessibility for lesbians with disabilities, ecology, political and women specific issues as well as exchange and networking of lesbians in the three country point of Germany, Poland and Czech Republic are very important to us.